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We Know How To Nurse Your Real Estate Investment.

We Understand There Is No Substitute For Hard Work!

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Real Estate Investment With No Headaches!

Build Wealth And Cash Flow Without Chasing Down Renters.

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Landlording Without Experience = Money Down The Drain!

We Know The Business, and We've got you covered:
- Get top prices for your rental units
- Get access to our discount network of reliable contractors
- Make more money, with low vacancy ratio
- The List goes on, and on!

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We'll Ride The Ups and Downs Of The Market and Landlording Headaches For You!

Sit Back And Watch Your Real Estate Investment Grow Into True Wealth.

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Lease Guarantee Program

We will refund any cost of services to you, if the tenant we place in your property, breaks their lease within 3 months after moving in!

Property Management Done Right!

Peace of Mind

You can rest at night knowing we are watching over your property!


Self-Management Services

Our Self-Management service includes leasing services and tenant placement in your investment property.
The Plan Services included are
Rental Analysis
Advertising & Marketing
Showings of your property
Tenant Screening
Lease Negotiations
Signing Lease Documentation
Lease Guarantee Program

Rental Analysis, so you can get the best ROI!

The first thing we do is CMA, Compare Market Analysis, to determine what is the best and highest rent amount we can get for your property. Setting the price too low will not give you the best ROI. In addition, setting the rental price too high, might give you long vacancy holding, which will kill your ROI. We set the right rental price so you can make the maximum ROI, and have the lowest Vacancy Ratio, so you can increase your profits!

Proven Advertising & Marketing Plans

After doing CMA, and setting your property rental price, we will implement our proven Advertising & Marketing to secure reliable Tenants for your investment property. Plus our FREE MOVE Program, is a powerfully selling tool that will attracted the right tenants.

Some of our marketing includes:
  • Custom made flyers for your house, and printed in quality full color front and back! (NO UGLY BLACK AND WHITE FLYERS)
  • Custom made Video for YouTube, Apple iTunes,...etc
  • Listing your property in MLS, Trulia, Google, Yahoo, etc
  • Yard Signs Marketing
  • Mailing Marketing to our Rental Database and....much more!

Scheduled Showings

After the implementation of our proven marketing plan, calls will start coming in from potential tenants. We will Pre-Screen them via phone. Then we meet them and show them your property.

Tenant Screening

After showing your property to pre-qualified potential tenants, we will conduct a thorough screening and background check from renters.

We do the following screening and background checks:
  • Credit checks

  • Income Verification

  • Employment Verification

  • Rental History Verification

  • Criminal Background Verification

Lease Negotiation & Signing the Texas Real Estate Commission Documentation

After conducting a thorough screening of the tenant, we will negotiate and sign the rental agreement, approved by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for your protection.
Next, we will collect a security deposit from the future tenant prior to move-in. For Full Service Plans we will also hold the renter's security deposit in Escrow during the lease term.
Finally we will provide the keys to the tenant, and provide you with the renter's folder so you can now start managing your own property. we will issure kyes to the tenats, and will will give you renters folder so you can now start mangent your own property.

Lease Guarantee Program

We understand that there is no substitute for hard work. Therefore we are 110% sure of our work, we will refund any of your service cost to you, if the tenant we place in your property, breaks their lease within 3 months after moving in.

Self-Management Cost

$ = Only First Month Rent.

We will handle the entire headache and hard work associated with finding you the right tenants for the 1st month's rent.

Services Included in the Self Management Plan Are:

  • Rental Analysis
  • Provide an Advertising & marketing Plan
  • Schedule Property Showing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease negotiation and Signing of Rental Agreement
  • Lease Guarantee Program

Full – Management Service

The Full Management Plan includes the same services as the Self-Management Plan, in addition, you can rest peacefully at night knowing we are growing your real estate investment into real wealth.
The Full Service Plan includes:
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week maintenance services and Support.
  • Rent Collection
  • Electronic Rental Disbursements (optional)
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Move-in & Move-out Coordination
  • Financial Statements
  • Property inspections
  • Eviction Process
  • Compliance with local, state, and Federal laws

Turnkey Maintenance & Customer Support

Plugin Realty will provide your tenant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Maintenance & customer support. We will take all the calls. You will never have to deal with tenant issues when we manage your property. All you do is collect the "mail-box-money"

Rent Collection - We Handle It

Plugin Realty will handle all accounting access of incoming money. We will collect all rent payments, late fees, and forward them to you. You never have to chase or call a tenant to ask for your money. We can set up electronic rental disbursements, if you request it.

Lease Enforcement -  We handle it

Plugin Realty will enforce the rental agreement regulations, when a tenant violates it. We handle all aspects of the lease violation from: calling your tenants for late fees, noise violations, or city ordinance violations. We handle all the calling, writing notice letters, even the eviction process.

Move-in & Move-out Coordination

After conducting a thorough screening we will meet your new tenant at your property, conduct a detailed Move-in walk through. We have found that actually walking-through your property with future renters decreases the chance of misunderstandings regarding the conditions of your house later. This process also helps justify for any Deposits retained from the tenant for property damages. (Very few property management companies take their time to actually “walk-the-property" with the renter present and perform a "check-list").
We will also do a physical walk throughout before your tenant Moves out when the lease is terminated; this will help determine if any money will be held to compensate for damages.

Financial Statement Reports

We do your monthly bookkeeping for the property we manage. We keep track of all the money coming in, and all the money going out. We will give you a QUICK-BOOKS file that you can provide your CPA to do your yearly taxes.

Property Inspections

Plugin Realty will inspect your property two ways:

  • We will perform a thorough inspection of the outside of the property.
  • We will perform a thorough inspection of the interior of the property as well.

The purpose of the inspection is to help protect your investment and to make sure that the tenant is complying with the “Lease Agreement" and no violations occur.

Free Eviction Process

Plugin Realty will handle everything Process. We will send all eviction-written-notices, we file the eviction with the correspondent authorities, and if necessary, even take the case to court as your agent and proving your case to the judge. We will meet the authorities at the time of eviction while the movers remove the tenant's belongings out of your house.


Comply With Local, State, and Federal Laws!

Plugin Realty will make sure your property and rental policies comply with local, state and Federal Laws. Relax, we've got you covered!

Work We Do On Your Behalf

During Tenancy:

  • We guarantee tenant placement for the first 3 months**
  • Secure monthly rental and all other fees associated with tenancy
  • Reconcile Monthly Statements
  • Manage Utility Payments*
  • Enforce the "Lease Agreement", included but not limited to:
    • Collecting Rent and late/outstanding fees
    • Manage the eviction process (if needed)
    • Manage all other lease violations
  • Manage requests for preventive maintenance and repairs
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week maintenance hotline and repair emergency response.

Work We Do On Your Behalf

Tenant Move-Out:

  • Collect keys from the tenant
  • Perform physical walk-through with the tenant and document it.
  • Provide you with detailed reports of the inside/outside condition of the property.
  • Reconcile tenant ledger and issue a close-out statement to the tenant
  • Manage property turnover, cleaning and repairs

Full-Management Cost

Only $99.00 a month + 65% of the first month rent.

Our Full-Management Services mean what the name says. This is the most proactive, fully managed solution out there. We do all the heavy lifting, and you seat back and wait for your investment to turn into wealth. With less headache, you can spend your time buying more investment properties, and not chasing down renters!

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Do you have a vacant rental property in Dallas Fort Worth Texas?   Are you tired of dealing with the ongoing headaches of being a landlord in DFW? Do you want to focus on buying more investment properties in Dallas Fort Worth? Are you looking for Dallas real estate investment without headaches?   You have come to the right place!

House Not Selling In Today's Slow Market? Have to bring a lot of CASH to closing, before you can sell your house?  Have a vacant house, and making TWO-House-Payments?  You have come to the right place!

Laugh All The Way To The Bank! Learn How The Depressed Real Estate Market Can Actually Make You Richer Now and Beyond

  • --Create an Instant, Easy College Fund for Your Kids!
  • --Create a prosperous retirement; it won’t happen until you DO something about it!

Plugin Realty's , Dallas Property Management, is a full service Dallas Fort Worth County property management company, and we offer complete property DFW management services at one low monthly fee of $99 a month. There are no hidden costs.

All of our property managers are licensed real estate agents. Each of our Dallas Fort Worth real estate property managers are knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous, which is one reason our clients stay with us for the long haul! We work with real estate investors, and we understand “Investor Friendly Prices”. Plus we work with homeowners that are “accidental landlords”, due to the soft real estate market, where you have to bring too much money to closing, just to sell your home today.

Our Dallas Property management and Fort Worth property management team realizes your property is a valuable real estate investment and we manage your real estate property investment as if it were our own real estate investment. At Plugin Realty Dallas Property Management, our primary goals are:

  • Maximizing Your Cash Flow: We are committed to obtaining the maximum amount of rent for your rental home that market conditions will bear, thereby maximizing your income. We also work hard to minimize the cost of repairs and property management services using our extensive network of DFW contractors.
  • Minimizing the Vacancy Period: We are committed to designing and executing a targeted proven-marketing-plan to rent your property as quickly as possible in Dallas Fort Worth, thereby minimizing the time that your rental home is not generating income.
  • Protecting Your Investment: We thoroughly screen prospective tenants and provide you complete property management services in a discreet, professional and competent manner.
  • We Handle All The Heavy Lifting – We Do the Work for You: We handle everything so you can spend your time on more important things.

Our clients include homeowners and real estate investors living in Texas, California, Florida, throughout the nation, and overseas. We have bi-lingual real estate agents in house, so we know who to speak your native-language, and your financial freedom language.

At Plugin Realty Dallas property management we do it all. We are experts in managing single family houses, townhouses, apartments, condos, and multi-family properties. With Full Real Estate Property Management prices at only $99.00 a month, you don't have to do it alone. Whether you just need tenant screening or you need full service management, Plugin Realty can provide exactly what you need. Let the experts at Dallas property management and Fort Worth property management relieve those headaches.

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